The Power of Dreams: 30 countries on 30

Travel is one way I worship Him. I worship the Creator by appreciating His creations.

Dreaming. I started dreaming big and wondrous places during my high school where I literally excel in my Social Studies subject, more so, when I started bagging the Best in Social Studies year after year starting 2nd year. That time, a very close friend of mine gifted me with an Atlas Book and until this very day, I still have that book with me. The spirit grew when I perfected an exam  – where one must fill the capital and countries of a blank Asian map. I knew after that, that I’m about to embark into a special Journey of my own.

I had the desires but I don’t have the means. Year after year, I would marvel at seeing photos of the world and took inspiration from some people who traveled the world themselves, that one day I will be the one doing it myself. Since then, I’d been to 36 countries and counting and was able to successfully circumnavigated the world one-directionally in 2015 that started in Maldives last January 2015 and ended the year in the Philippines. It was, by far, the biggest step I took in world traveling and hell I miss it!

I am on my element whenever I’m treading new grounds. The sheer joy of mixing yourself from people of different languages and cultures, traditions and beliefs, way of life and a lot more has, indeed, made me appreciate life and be grounded more. The farther I get, the smaller I become. The smaller I become, the more I realize that I am just but a tiny dot on this big round planet called “Earth”. I have come to realize as well that I did change a lot. Who I was when I left home is not who I am now. Change is inevitable.

Experiences will change you. Whether you like it or not. You need to go along with the wind of change. There is really no permanent things on this world. You need to adjust on your surroundings, on people, on culture, on the way of life. People who can’t change is not meant to live elsewhere else they’ll die.

And these C H A N G E S makes a better version of oneself. And the richness of experiences that goes along with it is P R I C E L E S S.

I have enough greatness within me to be whatever it is I dream to be. 

Below was a project of mine, to reach 30 countries on my 30th year of existing. I did it. I’m now 31 and still have the same passion to see the world, one at a time. If I was able to do it, so can you. This is one of things I would look back and not regret doing it.

#jmototheworld presents: 30 countries on 30

P H I L I P P I N E S @ the National Hero Monument (Manila) – where I was born and where  big dreams first originated.


V I E T N A M @ Cuchi Tunnel – this was part of the Missions Trip I did in Cambodia.


C A M B O D I A @ my friends Cambodian Wedding – with so many times I’d been to this country, 5 or 6 times I guess, and photos I had made. I chose this pic for the sole reason that it’s the relationship that matters not Angkor Wat. LOL.


S I N G A P O R E @ my former Company’s premises – the land close to my heart, where a lot of good memories resided on. I would always look back on this tiny state with a smile on my face. I choose happiness over this land.

My Official Last Day

M A L A Y S I A @ The Tip of Borneo – the northernmost part and a few km’s away to the southern part of Palawan. This place had been somewhat special since I got lost here with no bags or even money on my pocket. A very cheap hostel came to the rescue and gave me shelter for a night. The next day, I had to, in a way begged a driver to bring me back to Kota Kinabalu. Indeed, what an experience! 🙂

I’m done going around Malaysia than actually going around my own country. Pity. You name it, I’d been there. 🙂


I N D O N E S I A @ Kuta Beach, Bali – where I experienced first Parasailing and where I met Ketut – the Famous Fortune Teller or something like that, that Julia Roberts / Elisabeth met in the movie/book “Eat, Pray, Love”. Yay!


S O U T H  K O R E A @ Jeju Island – the other country aside from Malaysia that I was able to finish going around and the most I visited a country – 9 times! Name it. I’d been there. I even studied the language because of the desire to live there before. However, things didn’t work out. Good thing. I am happy where I am now. 🙂



H O N G K O N G @ Disneyland – the happiest place on E A R T H, at least for Kids. LOL. Jump shots were still popular on my lean body back then. Meanwhile…haha.



M A C A U @ The World’s Highest Bungee Jump – yes, aside from being a Travel Junkie, am also an Adrenaline Junkie. I rest my case. Haha.



T H A I L A N D @ Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market – I have noticed that I don’t have a solo picture in Bangkok, it’s good because being with these Awesome People at BKK was all you’d ever wished to have. 



C H I N A @ The Great Wall – Need I say more? The greatest man-made creation that is still standing up to this day. Again, the Great Wall of Jeffrey errr China. Lol.



J A P A N @ The Famous Kinkaku-ji aka The Golden Pavilion – Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Kobe are the places in Japan not to be missed. Tokyo may give you the adrenaline boost you need but these places will give you the Old Japan Feels. Namashte wa. hai! Hahaha.

Punta na sa Japan…Japan…Sagot sa Kahirapan. Now na! Wushuuuu!



Q A T A R @ Doha Waterfront – From Asia’s Wonderful Cities to One of the Gulf’s Richest Nations. Ganyan dapat. Hahaha.

This was my first 55 degree Celsius hotness experience of the Middle-East!!! Spell TOASTED?



G E R M A N Y @ Bernkastel-Küs / Mosel Valley – though Berlin was the first ever city I landed in Europe and lived in East Berlin for the duration of that vacation. It was West Germany that inspired me to move here.

Yes, a city called Munich is where I’m currently located. Best place in Germany…by far. Loooooool.



La F R A N C E @ La Tour Eiffel – though I landed first in Strasbourg than in Paris. I thought it would it be cool to post a picture from the most famous Tower in the world – The Trump Tower! LOL

The place where Elegance can be seen everywhere. Did you know that King Peter 1 of Russia brought the French-style dress and Rendezvouz in Russia during his term as King? He even trashed out the Russian-style kind of dressing to favor the French one. Thats how long the influence of French Fashion is. No wonder, Paris is the Fashion Capital of the world. Tres bien!



S W I T Z E R L A N D @ Basel’s Spalenberg Walk of Fame – where my friend’s name can be found – Roger Federer. Haha. That was actually the only reason why we went there. To see this Walk of Fame.



M Y A N M A R @ Shwedagon Pagoda – the only, as per my opinion, real and cool spot in Yangon. Or I just forgot some other spots maybe. However, it was still a good trip in the former capital of Myanmar.



U A E @ Dubai’s Famous Burj Khalifa – where I met the coolest People in the Middle-East. Whenever I see this Tower, I’m reminded of how one’s mind and ingenuity can reach the highest of the highest. #boompunet

Meanwhile, I’m a bit surprised that my body got that big. Ripped! Anyare ngayon? Haha



T A I W A N @ Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall @ Liberty Square – wanting to see the Tallest Building in the World before the Burj Khalifa burst into scenes was the culprit I wanted to see Taiwan. But Taiwan proved itself as more than a Taipei 101 nation as lots of interesting sights beholds our breath. Not to mention meeting some cool and interesting people along the way, one even became a sort-of-mentor. Time for Taiwan! …ang fuge ko jan. Lol



M A L D I V E S @ Maalfushi Island – for Rich, Famous and Brat People hahaha. Kidding aside, before Bali or Phuket or even Boracay came to spotlight, there’s Maldives and its thousand Islands. The clear blue water that integrates to the Indian Ocean has indeed S T O K E D all of me. In short, I die. Die die lah, why you like dat wah. Haha. 🙂



U S A @ The Grand Canyon South Wing – yes!!! I hiked this grand valley up and down for a day – started 7am going down and reached the river area by 4pm then started going up and reached the area where I started by 10pm. In the end, this was one of the most proudest moment of my Adrenaline Junkie Diaries.

Grand Canyon – C H E C K E E E E E E E E D! 



A L A S K A (Runner-up) – The LAST FRONTIER: This place is still “THE” Best Place I’d been to until, maybe, I reach the North Pole next year, 2017 :-). I’m proud reaching this place once in my lifetime. Though still looking forward to come back, if given a chance. 



Great Britain @ Westminster Abbey – this was part of my World Tour 2015 that started in Maldives. Finally saw London, Cambridge University, visited and made some new friends in Essex and Norwich area. Dining with English Family was also cool. Finally able to hear first hand their reactions towards their long and rich friendly neighbours – France and Germany. Haha. 



C Z E C H  R E P U B L I C @ Prague – with so much sights to see, the extensive historic center of this city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. See my background? Much of it was never destroyed from the violence and destruction of 20th century Europe. Ganda no? Ang drama ng ulap. Haha.



A U S T R I A @ Montafon – where the hills are alive with me being half-naked! Hahaha. This was my first touchdown in Austria and what a better way to do it than to hiked the Austrian part of The Alps. Yihaaaaaaaaaaa! 



H U N G A R Y @ Margitsziget – Budapest is the cheaper version of Paris on Eastern Europe. The Danube River at night is just pure heaven with lights being used to beautify the City itself and on this Island in the middle of the River Danube is the host of the Annual Sziget Festival – one of the biggest Music Festivals in Europe. 



I T A L Y @ Lago di Como – The Lake where George and Amal Clooney’s Apartment can be found. This upscale resort area just behind the Rhaetian Alps perfected the dramatic scenery that is known to the Como Residents. Comune di Como itself housed some Renaissance Architecture that are still standing up to this day. So far, I’d been already on the Northern part of Italy from West to East and basing on this, the historical aspects of Italy that I saw so far are just so huuuuge, I cannot sometimes fathom it. I LOVE IT!



S L O V E N I A @ Lake Bled – yes! You are right, my heart bled on this lake. So hard that it keeps bledding, keeps keeps bledding Love –  Leona Lewis. Loooooooooooooool.

It is true – Lake Bled – is a True Gem in the Julian Alps. A hidden Gem that takes 2 hours, more or less, from Ljubljana, the capital. Visiting Slovenia and not going to Lake Bled is like going to London and not seeing the London Bridge, much worse, not even tried crossing the bridge! 



S E R B I A @ Novi Sad – overlooking the Danube River from the Fortress Hill. This cute, well-preserved city will make Budapest run for its money. Its very lovely most especially at night when you walk the whole Old Town, dissecting alleyways that leads you to the Grand Danube River – Europe’s second-longest river. Novi Sad is a hidden gem because people don’t normally go to Serbia. The first time I went there, people gave me an intriguing look and asked what on earth pushed me to come to Serbia, anyway? and I was like, whut?!?! 



C R O A T I A @ The Lovely Zagreb – where the Journey to 30 countries on my 30th year of existence finally ended. With a very wonderful host I had, my time in Zagreb was never in a heart-broken mode even though the City housed the funny yet piercing Broken Relationship Museum. 


DON’T dream your life. LIVE your Dreams. KEEP calm and go on Traveling.

Now it’s time to get back on the drawing board and plan again. See you on the road ahead!


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